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People Assessment

Whether it’s for one specific individual, or a whole population, we design and deliver Assessment and Development experiences to meet your specific needs.

Our methodologies provide an objective process - normally using several exercises to measure different competencies - thus enabling participants to discover/confirm their key strengths and areas of personal challenge. We work with you to recreate and simulate situations which reflect the real working-life circumstances faced by individuals in your organisation - either in their current roles or potential future ones.

NEXUS consultants are qualified and experienced in using a range of tools, including psychometric testing: Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, BarOn EQ-I, The McQuaig System™, Saville and Holdsworth Numerical and Verbal Reasoning tests and 360° appraisals - either our own NEXUS instrument or a bespoke programme designed especially for you.

NEXUS Assessment and Development experiences provide a safe environment for people to learn about their skills and behaviours. Participants benefit from valuable one-to-one attention; they receive high quality feedback from skilled coaches and observers. We help people to capitalise on their strengths and create concrete development plans to bridge any gaps between current skills and required ones.

Where possible, we encourage, support and train organisations to deliver the Assessment and Development experiences internally. Not only is this more cost effective for the organisation, but it also offers the additional advantage of providing personal development activity for the observer-coaches as well as the participants.

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